About V.I.P. Playgrounds

The Vision - John Bartlett

It all began with a visit to a true all-inclusive park while traveling in the United States. It was an eye opening experience to the world of possibilities and endless, barrier-free play for all. It prompted the simple thought of this is the way things should be done. It also asked the question of why aren’t there more playgrounds like this in Canada? Most importantly, the seed was planted. Over the past few years of visiting several playgrounds across North America, the seed has continued to grow.

It would spark the movement and hope for the day when playgrounds like this would exist for children in communities across Canada. In 2021, Very Inclusive Play Playgrounds was formed.

So many families have had to campaign for All-Inclusive Playgrounds to be fundraised and built in their communities. It’s time to change the narrative and be a leader! Let’s be proactive instead of reactive. Instead of adapting, let’s do it right from the start.

Our playgrounds will be for all kids as a place to come together, play together and be an example of what truly can be accomplished when play has no barriers.